Thursday, May 23, 2024

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

The December meeting of Drinking Liberally’s Little Rock chapter is nigh upon us.  Tomorrow night, at 6pm at Khalil’s in west Little Rock (Shackleford Rd., sort of across from P.F. Chang’s), drinks will be drank, discussions will be discussed, and (if last month was any indication) hot-button issues will be argued while some people — not that I can throw stones at all — will sit off to the side and make sarcastic comments.

So it’s a lot like most people’s family get-togethers.

Oh, and because someone asked me a couple weeks ago, there is no charge to be a part of Drinking Liberally, nor is there technically any requirement that you drink (though, c’mon…what’s the point of that?).  You don’t even have to be liberal, I guess, though that would be a fairly odd way to spend your Thursday night.

You can see more details and even RSVP here.

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