Saturday, April 13, 2024

End-of-Day Miscellany: “Updates! Getchyer Updates Here!” Edition

I see. So, what you’re saying is that even though you are an almost-paralyzed, multiphobic personality who is in a constant state of panic, your wife did not leave you; you left her because she … didn’t get to this stuff?

  • It has been a little over 27 hours since I posted this and a little over 28 since I emailed each of the campaigns in question.  To date, I have heard from John Thurston and from Sarah Huckabee on behalf of John Boozman (more on that one in a minute).  Ignoring Jim Keet and Mark Darr for the moment, does anyone else see the irony in Mark Martin’s failure to respond or to return the money, considering Martin wrote that he “will continue to run a clean and honest campaign” so that he would “still have [his] integrity at the end of this race”?
  • Speaking of Boozman (and, by extension, Rick Crawford), while I take still issue with the broad scope of Ms. Huckabee’s suggestion that state election law does not apply simply because Boozman is running for federal office, it turns out that she is correct in this particular instance.  Federal election law preempts any state law that imposes a limitation on donations received by a federal-office candidate.
  • Jason Tolbert links to a Timmy! Griffin radio ad in which he quotes from this Dem-Gazette editorial (which, incidentally, remains the most asinine piece of political commentary I’ve seen this year).  To the extent there are any undecided voters left in AR-02, and to the extent any of them hear this ad and are swayed, I stand by my comment about the D-G piece in question: For all of the anti-incumbent, anti-Washington, anti-corrupt-politician vitriol that is being spouted in the press and in the public discourse, the willingness of people to vote for a Bush-era Washington insider with a track-record of corrupt behavior at the behest of Karl Rove suggests either that (a) they don’t know about Griffin’s misdeeds or (b) there is rampant hypocrisy afoot.
  • Blue Arkansas points out that the Blue Dog approach is not working; conservative Democrats don’t inspire the base and they aren’t conservative enough in this political climate to really reach the Tea Party types.  I don’t know that a more liberal candidate would be faring much better in AR-01, simply because that district is near schizophrenic right now, but I do agree — as does anyone with an ounce of realism — that Bill Halter would have the AR-Sen much more competitive than it is right now.  (Of course, it’s hard to imagine anyone making that race less competitive.)
  • Via Progressive Arkansas, a Log Cabin Democrat article that points out how Circuit Court Clerks have the option of profiting from the sale of any foreclosed properties.  Hmm … existing state policy … up to elected official to decide whether to cash in on it or not … nets some who abuse it far more than their salary … this sounds familiar.  The difference between this and how Mark Martin has been cashing on taxpayers by renting his own house to himself is that Martin’s opponent, Pat O’Brien, did not take the money.
  • Sports: Week 4 of my Two-Day Hangover post at SBN Houston; one of my friends has a hilarious message for would-be Texans bandwagoners.
  • Programming: I note that BHR has been fairly silent of late, save for stuff on Mark Martin.  I apologize.  With luck, it will pick up a little more next week.

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