Monday, June 17, 2024

Off-Topic: Shameless Self-Promotion

I have no idea how many people this might appeal to, especially in a state that puts NCAA football ahead of the NFL, but I think some of the humor in it should play with any NFL fan outside of Nashville.  For that reason, I am going to shamelessly link to my first SBN Houston Two-Day Hangover post. It’s a mix of Texans-related stuff; a rant on body mass index; and random humor at the expense of the Titans, Saints, and Cowboys.

This is a weekly thing, so, you know, expect these links weekly.


Kicking The Dead Horse.

Total number of 100-yard games (rushing), career: Arian Foster, 2; Reggie Bush, 1. Total number of 200-yard games (rushing), career: Arian Foster, 1; Reggie Bush, 0. Total number of 200-yard games (rushing and receiving combined), career: Arian Foster, 1; Reggie Bush, 0. Total number of second-overall draft selections wasted by their teams: Arian Foster, 0; Reggie Bush, 1.

Whatever the flavor, Wade will have a double scoop.

After Houston stomped the Dallas Cowboys during the preseason, all we heard was how Dallas had intentionally run a “vanilla” offense and how the Texans were losers for actually gameplanning against a preseason opponent. Well, if that was vanilla, then last night’s loss to Washington must’ve been “chokeberry.”

I took particular delight in Alex Barron’s game-losing gaffe, by the way. Back in 2005, when I was still living in St. Louis, I went to see the Rams play the Jags. This was Barron’s rookie season and people were already talking about him replacing Orlando Pace in a few years. That day, I saw Barron pull off the amazing trifecta of false start, holding, false start on three consecutive plays. It’s nice to be able to rely on certain things in life, and Alex Barron being a very poor NFL tackle is one you can take to the bank.

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