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AR-01: Karmic Smackdown…ENGAGE!

June didn't turn out to be too kind to Tim Wooldridge.  First, he loses the runoff election to Chad Causey.  Now it seems that...

AR-Land Comm: Once Is An Oversight, Twice Is A Trend

How's this for consistency?  Twice in the last five day, someone at the Democrat-Gazette has written about the greedymontydavenport.com email incident.  Both times, the...

AR-01: Wooldridge Lies About Causey Lying, Insults BHR

First it was Blanche Lincoln. Then it was Robbie Wills. Now we can add Tim Wooldridge to the list of candidates who are basing...

AR Runoff News: I Was Told There Would Be No Math

Preferential Primary Early & Absentee Voting Totals As of June 1, 2010: 10,010 As of June 2, 2010:  23,439 Source.

AR-01: Causey Launches New Ad, “Quotes” BHR

OK, first, the ad. I like it. While I credited Bill Halter and L.J. Bryant recently for not mentioning their opponents, I...

AR-01: Endorsing Causey is the latest fad

All the cool kids are doing it.1 State Representative David Cook, State Senator Steve Bryles Endorse Chad Causey Former Opponents Say Causey Is Best...