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AR-01: Endorsing Causey is the latest fad

All the cool kids are doing it.1

State Representative David Cook, State Senator Steve Bryles Endorse Chad Causey

Former Opponents Say Causey Is Best Man For The Job

JONESBORO- Today, State Representative David Cook and State Senator Steve Bryles officially endorsed Chad Causey in Blytheville, Jonesboro, and Pocahontas. Cook, of Sharp County, and Bryles, of Mississippi County, received 15% and 10% respectively in the May 18 primary. Causey received 28%.

“I am supporting Chad in the runoff because he will stand up and fight for Veterans’ rights,” said Cook. “He is a strong supporter of education and is the best man for the job. I’m voting for Chad and I hope all my supporters will too.”

“Chad is committed to creating jobs while helping to restore the economy. His work on two farm bills was invaluable while helping to ensure an adequate safety net for Arkansas farm families,” said Bryles. “Agriculture is vital to Arkansas’ economy, and Chad will keep working so that we continue produce the safest, most affordable food supply in the world.”

The runoff election will be held June 8th. Early voting starts June 1st.

“I am very grateful for the support of my former opponents,” said Causey. “I look forward to earning the votes of their supporters in the runoff. This is an important race, and every vote counts. Momentum is on our side, and we are going to be come out on top on June 8th. I will continue my focus on creating jobs here in Arkansas, protecting Social Security and Medicare for seniors, and fighting for farm families and veterans.”

Causey is spend the remaining two weeks of the primary traveling across the district, talking to as many voters as he can, and urging them to return to the polls on June 8th.

Causey was born and raised in the First District of Arkansas. He graduated from Jonesboro High School, where his mother, Gussi, is still a guidance counselor. Causey, a Methodist, is engaged to Meredith McNeil of Newport.

[After the jump] is a memo the Causey for Congress Campaign released yesterday to outline the race.

To: Interested Parties
From: Chad Causey for Congress Campaign HQ
Date: 5/25/2010
Re: Democratic Runoff in First Congressional District

On May 18, former Lt Governor Candidate, and career politician turned lobbyist Tim Wooldridge advanced to the runoff along with Chad Causey. Wooldridge failed to meet the expectation set of winning the primary without a runoff, and Causey is clearly on the move. There were four other candidates in the race: State Senator Steve Bryles, State Representative David Cook, Dr. Terry Green, and Ben Ponder.

According to the Associated Press, as of Thursday, May 20, Wooldridge led the ticket with 38% of the vote. Causey followed with 27%. Cook had 15%, Bryles 10%, Green 5% and Ponder 4%.

On May 18, Wooldridge received over 3000 less votes in the most populated county, Craighead, than he did in 2006 Lt Gov race.

Wooldridge also received over 500 less votes in his home county, Greene, than he did in the 2006 primary.

A poll conducted mid March found that 5% would vote for Causey while 31% said they would support Wooldridge. While the support of Wooldridge grew by 7%, support for Causey grew to 27% on primary day. Causey’s support is growing at three times the rate as Wooldridge’s. Causey is the candidate on the move.

62% of voters chose someone other than Tim Wooldridge, despite being familiar with him.

Baxter, Craighead, Crittenden, Mississippi, Lonoke and St. Francis counties will all be key counties to a Causey victory. While Causey won two of them, Wooldridge won Lonoke,
Bryles won Mississippi, his home county, and Ponder won Baxter, his home county. Runoff elections in Craighead and St. Francis will work to Causey’s benefit, boosting his already established support from the primary.

Causey has almost 1000 individual contributors from all 26 counties in the district and led the field in fundraising in the primary. Wooldridge has 406 contributors listed on his FEC report.

In a year where career politicians are being rejected, Chad Causey is a candidate who has never sought political office, and offers a fresh face to the voters of the First District.
Voters are looking for someone who will work to bring jobs to the district, and who knows how to get that done.

Watch for Causey to continue his rise to hit 50% +1 on June 8.

1 And, by “all the cool kids,” I mean “two of Causey’s former opponents, one of which you already knew about.”

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