Sunday, May 26, 2024

AR-01: Causey Launches New Ad, “Quotes” BHR

OK, first, the ad. I like it. While I credited Bill Halter and L.J. Bryant recently for not mentioning their opponents, I think Chad Causey is smart to mention Tim Wooldridge here. Wooldridge has gone on the offensive by playing up perceived personal flaws with Causey of late, so Causey was more or less forced to address those challenges somehow. I think the, “if you don’t have anything nice to say” approach coupled with the “Wooldridge launched remarkably personal attacks on Chad Causey” graphic handled that nicely. It also contrasted nice with Causey’s above-board reference to Wooldridge’s voting record (rather than, say, Wooldridge’s homophobia or lack of being a carburetor).

Second, though…about that quote. The commercial cites this blog as the source of the line “Wooldridge launched remarkably personal attacks on Chad Causey.” While we did print that statement, it was in the context of a GOP press release against Tim Wooldridge. Now, to be fair, the ad does not say that we wrote the line, only that we were the “source” for the quote, so it’s not like the ad is being dishonest per se; we really were a source where one could read that quote. Still, in the interest of full disclosure, we thought we should point that out.

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