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Arkansas Election Line: Looking Ahead

With the legislative session finished, Congressional redistricting done (sans Finger), and only state legislative redistricting and whatever drama it brings still on the table,...

AR-House 46: Professor Meeks Opines On The Law

You knew it was coming: opponents of the healthcare reform bill here in Arkansas are agog in the wake of Judge Henry Hudson's ruling...

Econ 101: “Compromise” And Other Euphemisms

First, three thoughts. 1. Let's be really, really clear about what the GOP were saying by demanding all-or-nothing on the extensions. Roughly translated, it was:...

#ARPostMortem: Marginalized

A quick lunchtime peek around the margins of defeat (or victory, depending on your perspective) in the federal races and AR-Gov.  All numbers are...

#ARElections: AR-02 Called For Timmy! Griffin

File under "Not Shocking, Still Disheartening." Update: Funny story from my poll today.  I was walking up the sidewalk toward the precinct when a Griffin...

#ARElections: AR-01 through AR-04 (8:35 p.m.)

Content partner Talk Business reports that Rick Crawford (AR-01), Tim Griffin (AR-02), David Whitaker (AR-03) (???), and Mike Ross (AR-04) lead.