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Great Moments in Cowardice: The Rick Crawford Edition

When your argument lacks all merit, the only thing you can do is take your ball and go home, right, Rick?

Arkansas Election Line: Looking Ahead

With the legislative session finished, Congressional redistricting done (sans Finger), and only state legislative redistricting and whatever drama it brings still on the table,...

Princella Smith (Allegedly) Has No Need For Your Silly Traffic Laws

Princella Smith has worn many hats over the last year.  First she tried (and failed) to win the GOP nomination in AR-1, despite getting...

AR-01: I Hear Sears Is Having A Sale On Hypocrisy, Rick

Politico has a story today about a letter that freshman Republican representatives are sending to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, which includes this passage: Mr....

AR-01: “With the buzz cut and the bow tie? This is a nightclub, not...

When first-district voters went to the polls last November, they knew many things about Rick Crawford: owner/operator of AgWatch Network (which was like a...

#ARPostMortem: Marginalized

A quick lunchtime peek around the margins of defeat (or victory, depending on your perspective) in the federal races and AR-Gov.  All numbers are...