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AR-Land Comm: Once Is An Oversight, Twice Is A Trend

How's this for consistency?  Twice in the last five day, someone at the Democrat-Gazette has written about the greedymontydavenport.com email incident.  Both times, the...

AR-Land Comm: Davenport’s New Ad, Now With 100% Less Guitar Playing!

Meh. It's not a bad ad, per se, and it is definitely better than his previous ad. Though, let's be honest, he...

AR-Land Comm [Update]: I’m Getting Dizzy

The website www.greedymontydavenport.com is back up. Sorta. In place of the previous page is this graphic: In case that is too small to...

AR-Land Comm: Berry, Berg Endorse Davenport

Fresh on the heels of news that D.C. Morrison had endorsed L.J. Bryant, we get word via a press release from The Markham Group...

AR Runoff News: I Was Told There Would Be No Math

Preferential Primary Early & Absentee Voting Totals As of June 1, 2010: 10,010 As of June 2, 2010:  23,439 Source.

AR-Land Comm: [Addendum] One Other Thought

Grab your tinfoil hats and ponder the following email I just received: Maybe a Republican is behind the site. They created it when they thought...