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AR-Land Comm: Berry, Berg Endorse Davenport

Fresh on the heels of news that D.C. Morrison had endorsed L.J. Bryant, we get word via a press release from The Markham Group that Monty Davenport has secured two new endorsements of his own.

Congressman Marion Berry Joins Mike Berg and Others Endorsing Monty Davenport

Wednesday, Congressman Marion Berry (D-AR01) joined the growing list of Arkansans who have publicly endorsed Representative Monty Davenport in his race for State Land Commissioner.

“Monty Davenport has dedicated himself to making Arkansas a better place for our families. He fought hard in the State Legislature to bring high paying jobs and better education to Arkansans. He has helped cut taxes and balance the budget. As our next Land Commissioner, Monty will make our tax dollars work for us—he is someone you can trust and who will always have the best interests of Arkansas property owners in mind. As a property owner and Arkansas voter, I’m proud to support my good friend Monty Davenport,” said Congressman Marion Berry

In addition to Congressman Berry’s endorsement, Davenport has also been endorsed by his former opponent in this race, Mike Berg, of Little Rock.

“Monty Davenport has been in real estate for 40 years and understands the process of buying and selling properties. Monty also realizes the importance of working with people to solve problems in order to reach a mutually beneficial outcome. I believe his 3 terms in the Arkansas State Legislature are extremely valuable. Monty Davenport has established relationships with the members of the legislative body as well as the other Constitutional Officers. He knows the legislative process and he will be able to work with the legislature in order to implement some needed improvements in the Land Commissioner’s office,” said Berg

“I have always respected Congressman Berry, and I have enjoyed working with him over the years. I welcome his kind words of support and I appreciate his many years of service to the people of Arkansas. I am also thankful to receive the endorsement from my former opponent, Mike Berg. He’s an experienced real estate professional and he conducted himself throughout the primary campaign with integrity and dignity. I am grateful for, and humbled to have their support,” Davenport said.

Congressman Berry and Berg join fifty of Arkansas’s seventy-five County Judges, the AFL-CIO, the Teamsters, the Arkansas Education Association, the Arkansas Times, The Northwest Arkansas Times, and The Arkansas Leader in publicly showing their support for Representative Monty Davenport.

Early voting for the Tuesday, June 8th Democratic primary has already begun.

Marion Berry’s endorsement is no surprise; the soon-to-be-ex-congressman never met a member of the Old Boys’ Club that he wouldn’t endorse with surprising alacrity.

Berg’s endorsement, however, is a little unexpected. His ideas for the office seemed to align much more closely with those of L.J. Bryant than with Davenport’s. Or, perhaps more accurately, what we all assume Davenport’s plans would be, as he hasn’t offered much on the topic beyond his attempts to poo-poo the ideas proffered by Bryant.

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