Monday, June 24, 2024

AR-Land Comm: [Addendum] One Other Thought

Grab your tinfoil hats and ponder the following email I just received:

Maybe a Republican is behind the site. They created it when they thought Davenport was the threat, and now they’re smearing LJ since they’re worried about him too.

Oddly enough, in a story full of Arkansas-style Shyamalanian twists, it might be this application of Occam’s Razor that makes the most sense.

UPDATE: Speaking of Republicans and the Land Commissioner’s Office and whatnot, can someone please explain to me what John Thurston’s “Core Beliefs” have to do with the office he’s seeking?  Because I’m not getting it.

Pro-life? Irrelevant.  Balanced budgets? Mandatory under state law.  Right to bear arms? In the constitution, and whether you can carry a gun to work is not really important to the success of your tenure as Land Comm.  Small government? Irrelevant inasmuch as your office has no control over the size of the state government beyond your 45 employees.  Strong military?  Irrelevant.  Improving education on all levels?  You are running for Land Commissioner, not an educational post.  The “Constitution as it is?” Irrelevant.  “In God We Trust?” Good news — it’s on our dollars!  It’s also irrelevant.

The only thing I can see that might be applicable is this core belief in less government restrictions, regulations, and requirements to be put on the people.  Call me crazy, but I would prefer a Land Commissioner who I know will, at minimum, apply the existing restrictions, regulations, and requirements on the people as promulgated by the state and federal governments.  The last thing I want is someone who is going to use his “core belief” to try and remove restrictions on property disposition, county reimbursements, and the like.


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