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Rapert Ousts Huckabee From Tournament in Holy War

Matched up against Mike Huckabee (R-Florida), Rapert quickly exposed Huckabee's game for the outdated, uninteresting, cringe-worthy pile of garbage that is has been for the last decade or more.

Sentient Turd Huckabee Tweets Reminder that He is Still a POS

Mike Huckabee thinks transphobia and anti-semitism are funny. Twitter disagrees.

Same Sex Marriage Ruling Likely Tommorow From U.S. Supreme Court

According to Above the Law, that is.   As the article mentions, the date is apropos.  Those who dissent should contact the Arkansas Republican Party and...

Members of Rutledge’s Staff Attend Huckabee Campaign Announcement, Because of Course They Did

Public servants from the Attorney General's Office at the Huckabee campaign announcement. Election laws? What are those?

The FEC-kless Doug Matayo

So, the Secretary of State's Office's official explanation for the car stuff is, basically, that there are rules in place, and everyone, including Mark...

Up Next On BHR TVLand!

Just sit right back, and you’ll hear a tale A tale of some rightward twits Who threw a party serving tea Aboard a flound’ring ship The mate was...