Sentient Turd Huckabee Tweets Reminder that He is Still a POS

Pictured: Assholes.

Mike Huckabee (R-Florida) is many things: former Governor, failed Presidential candidate, father of a dog murderer, brother-in-law to a festering boil of a human being, and Wayne DuMond apologist, to name but a few.

Apparently, he’s trying to add “internet comedian” to that list.

The Huckster took time off from his role as sell-out fluffer of the Trump administration to bring his comedic stylings to Twitter:


BWAHAHAHAHA! That’s funny because…um…

Actually, wait. That’s not funny at all, at least not to anyone who knows even half of the context.

Sen. Chuck Schumer (R-NY) spoke out last Sunday against President Trump’s executive order preventing immigrants from specific middle eastern countries. During his press conference, Schumer could be seen trying to hold back tears. On Tuesday, President Trump asserted that Schumer’s tears were “fake.”

Huckabee, apparently oblivious to the idea that the key to good comedy is timing, waited until Saturday–nearly a week later–to make a Tweet that I’m sure he and his dog-murdering son found hilarious. Of course, between Tuesday and Saturday, many, many people pointed out that Schumer’s emotion was due to the fact that, you know, Schumer’s grandfather lost his mother and 7 of 9 siblings in the Holocaust. So maybe Schumer knows something about how racial/religious scapegoating and insensitivity toward immigrants by America can lead to horrific outcomes.

As others were quick to point out on Twitter, however, it’s not just Huckabee’s lack of knowledge about Schumer’s history that makes this Tweet so offensive.

Zach Braff and Bradd Jueffy summed it up nicely:

Michael McKean, who is a damned treasure, chimed in with what many of us were thinking:

Even another pastor–albeit one who hasn’t sold out his beliefs in support of his political aspirations–responded:

There were FAR more responses to the Tweet, nearly all of which can be boiled down to a general consensus that Mike Huckabee is the same classless piece of excrement that we’ve known he was for decades. I guess it’s good to know that, even in 2017, some things just don’t change.

My favorite response, however, might be one from TV producer (and Jewish person) Elan Gale:

That’s a fair offer, Mr. Gale. But I fear that not even the love child of Mel Brooks and Bette Midler, after years of tutoring by Jon Stewart, could make Mike Huckabee remotely funny.

If Mike Huckabee had a modicum of decency and awareness, he would quit Twitter entirely. Then again, if he had those traits, he wouldn’t have made that Tweet in the first place, so I am not going to hold my breath. I’ll just give thanks that he is no longer an Arkansas resident. Addition by subtraction, ya know?

UPDATE: Someone just pointed out John 11:35. “Jesus wept.” Guess Huck missed that verse when he was skimming his King Trump version of the Bible.



  1. This is a take I can get behind. Huckabee manages to distill toxic ideas of masculinity, transphobia, and bullying all into one dumb tweet. Doesn’t he yammer a lot about that one guy who liked the meek?

  2. Sounds like Blue Hog is a closed minded bigot and not very bright. Not Florida you IDIOT, Arkansas!!

  3. It’s pretty hypocritical for a preacher to send this type of message. Very unkind and insensitive on so many different levels. What happened to messages of love, respect and kindness to others? It seems that he is not a true man of God.

  4. The best you got is “Jesus wept” liberals only use the Bible out sheer desperation and the fail to contextualize correctly,this is how we ended up with Gay marriage and a lot other issues destroying American families right now.If you quote the Bible have the knowledge to use it and defend your stance it I got 5 bucks says you a atheist.

  5. I see that piece of shit Jim Bob Duggar and get incensed and then to see “conservatives” below spouting off about Bible verses… especially the “Christians for the Jewish Old Testament” types who treat the hellfire and damnation Old Testament as if Jesus Christ never said a word. If Duggar was truly a man of Faith, he would have killed his own son for molesting 4 of his own daughters since incest is a capitol offense in his mind. Somehow the Old Testament eye-for-an-eye rules apply whenever self-righteous bastards impose their morality on us, but amazingly the New Testament New Covenant which supplanted Old Testament Judaism applies when it’s their own.

  6. Please follow this up by explaining how Trump is a Christian and we don’t know what’s in his heart. I like that part.

  7. I have $5 says you are a 6 th grade drop out, judging by this paragraph.
    Give me an example of an “American family destroyed by gay marriage”. It will require thinking ( that is done with your brain) and typing ( that is fine with your hands).

  8. The child abusers, mr.& mrs. duggar are back in front of the camera with the fat-ass bigot, mike huckabee.

  9. Tammy Johnson sorry to ruin your victory dance,but you would owe me 5 bucks.And unlike most liberals I can think and type at same time. my definition of a functional family is quite different than your it appears.

  10. and you answer is that really gonna piss you off ,can homosexuals procreate naturally?No. So weather your comparing Adam and Steve / Amanda and Eve neither is what God created to procreate the human race.

  11. Ashley Hudson I have no clue whats in his heart, and neither does anyone else. Assumption is a fools flag.

  12. Charles I’m not angry. I feel sorry for you. Here we are in the 21st Century and you aren’t getting to participate because you are afraid. My family is quite functional, actually. Aren’t you pleased? My lovely spouse is an attorney who represents poor people who can’t afford representation and I have post graduate education in Nursing, helping the dying function with quality of life. We have a son who will graduate from college in May with a dual major in math and computer science, who will be working for a local bank in cyber security and then, marry a wonderful young woman in June at the church where her father is co-pastor. See, we are functional, we don’t hate, we are educated community servants who believe in agape love, not the hateful, vengeful God of the backwoods.

  13. I don’t owe you $5. I want an example of an American family that was destroyed by gay marriage. That was your assertion.

  14. Charles Sullivan such thorough brain washing. I feel sorry for you. It must be terribly sad to not be able to enjoy the modern world. Still waiting for an example of an American family whose life has been destroyed by same sex marriage. I haven’t blame shifted. Waiting ……..

  15. And what are you doing on a liberal site anyway? You’re here looking to argue and judge and be a pain in the rear because you don’t have anything to do or are cranky because you find same sex relationships tantalizing which makes you angry because …….. you are angry because it isn’t the Pre-Civil War South of your KKK imagination.

  16. Thank you for acknowledging that the Huckster is now a proud citizen of Florida. Arkansas is well rid of him.

  17. And there it is…. liberals fall back to calling people racist lol well got news for ya,homosexual isn’t a race , and they will soon find out it not a protected class, so excited for the next SCOTUS picks.And with that I wish you good day ⚖️❗️

  18. I thought christains were suppose to be kind & compassionate to the “heathen”, so they could be around them to help them convert. Hate & condemnation would not let you get close enough to spread the word to those who needed it most.

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