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Let’s Be Blunt: Bob Ballinger’s Suspicious Ties to Medical Marijuana Licensing [UPDATED]

If you're trying to get into the marijuana business in Arkansas, Bob Ballinger and Travis Story have a deal for you!
Robin Lundstrum, Jason Rapert, and Gary Stubblefield

Rapert and Friends Have The Unconstitutional Munchies


Idiots, doing idiot things, because they're idiots.

The Whore of Babblin’ On: Jason Rapert & Big Pharma Sittin’ in a Tree


Why is Jason Rapert fighting medical marijuana so hard? Money, of course.

Captain Jackass Rides Again – Right Into Your House


Sen. Jason Rapert wants to prohibit people from smoking medical marijuana, even in their own homes. Let's talk about that.

Reefer Madness 2014: Starring Bob Ballinger & Bryan King

  Arkansas House District 97 includes parts of Madison, Washington, and Carroll Counties in the northwest corner of the state.  The district's largest...