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Spooky Talk Show Invites Matt, Hilarity Ensues


In which our hero goes on a talk show and manages to only embarrass his mother slightly.

Guest Post(mortem): The “What Now?” Top Ten

What should Arkansas Democrats do in this post-11/4/14 world? This list is a good start, especially #10.

A Shocking Look Inside a Statewide Republican Campaign

Have you ever questioned the sanity of people who go through contribution reports and analyze what is going on with the money? As I...

Mark Martin and the Illusion of Being at Work

Either Mark Martin has found a way to bend the space-time continuum or he is pretending to be at the Capitol, rather than actually being there.

Mark Martin Uses all his Assets, and Yours

Mark Martin is running both for Secretary of State and for Hypocrite of the Year. Recent polling puts him at 95% on the latter.

I Know What You Did Last Summer, Mark Martin

Why is Mark Martin skipping the Secretary of State debate today? Probably so he can stay in Prairie Grove and post on Facebook.