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AR-Sen: T-minus 20.5 hours and counting

At 6:30 this morning, Bill Halter was in Ashdown, AR, kicking off his 25-hour get-out-the-vote push that will take him all over The Natural...

AR-Sen: Fort Smith Paper Finds Way To Endorse Republican in Dem Primary

The Fort Smith City Wire has endorsed D.C. Morrison in the May 18 preferential primary.  Though they admit that their endorsement is "unlikely to...

AR-01: Mountains, Molehills, and FEC Filings

Suzi Parker raises some interesting questions in her most recent Talk Business article. It seems there are some strange overlaps and filing entries in...

AR-01: Cook Distinct Among Congressional Candidates

A week ago, I linked to a Baxter Bulletin article about the April 10, 2010 AR-01 Democratic debate that bemoaned the lack of distinguishing...

AR-Sen [Follow-up]: If Not Mitchell Berry, Then Who?

Yesterday, I mentioned (and Blue Arkansas detailed more fully) an attack ad against Bill Halter that was created by a group headed by Marion...

AR-Sen: Weird Gets A Little Weirder

First, there was the news that Marion Berry's son, Mitchell Berry, was behind a group called Arkansas For Common Sense, which recently launched an...