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#ARElections: Live Updates

My plan is to begin updating statewide and AR federal races (as well as some state house/senate races as time allows) as soon as...

Arkansas Election Line: Auditory Prognosticatin’

Have you been thinking, "gee, I wish there was a way I could hear even more opinions from Matt?" No? Well, regardless, here's your chance: a...

Green Party Picks Candidates

The Green Party of Arkansas had their nominating convention Saturday at Juanita's. Via Talk Business, we see that they have fielded candidates in...

AR-Sen, AR-Gov: Boozman, Beebe lead

Talk Business released a new poll on the AR-Sen and AR-Gov races yesterday. The Senate polling was about what I expected, but the...

Arkansas Green Party Certified for November Ballot

Coming soon to a November ballot near you: The Green Party of Arkansas. Via the Secretary of State's Office, in a letter to Mark...

BHR Wonders: Two’s Company; Three’s An Option?

A week ago, on the eve of the runoff elections, Jeff and I were discussing the possibility of a Robbie Wills victory and what...