Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Green Party Picks Candidates

The Green Party of Arkansas had their nominating convention Saturday at Juanita’s.

Via Talk Business, we see that they have fielded candidates in most of the big races, including AR-Sen and AR-Gov as well as three of the four Congressional tilts.

Mayor John Gray – U.S. Senate
Ken Adler – U.S. Congress, Dist. 1
Lewis Kennedy – U.S. Congress, Dist. 2
Joshua Drake – U.S. Congress, Dist. 4

Jim Lendall – Governor of Arkansas
Rebekah Kennedy – Attorney General
David Orr – Secretary of State
Bobby Tullis – State Treasurer
Mary Willis – State Auditor

I’ll have more later, after I learn a little about the candidates, but my initial reactions to the list:

  • I am a little worried that Jim Lendall could throw a wrench in the Gov’s race.  I still think Beebe will win, but Lendall is unlikely to pull many voters from Jim Keet, so any Green showing in that race will be at the expense of the Democrats.
  • The appearance of Bobby Tullis could not have come at a worse time for Martha Shoffner.  While Tullis might bring some baggage of his own — the letter to Gus Wingfield — I can’t help but think that Shoffner’s comments about “manservants” and her initial refusal to pay taxes on something that is so clearly income are much bigger red flags for voters.  I, for one, am glad to see another option in this race, and I am sure others feel the same way.
  • I wish Rebekah Kennedy was running for Senate rather than AG, but the whole Tahoegate thing might make for an interesting race given how well (relatively speaking) Kennedy did against Mark Pryor.

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