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AR-Sec. State: Tangled Up In Blue Hog Report

Alt-title: Oh, what a tangled world-wide web we weave... Last night, when I scheduled today's 9 a.m. post about Rep. Mark Martin's apparent abuse of...

Think Tank Memorial End-of-Day Miscellany

Here's what I didn't get to on a sloooow news day: Jason Tolbert covered the Mike Beebe Campaign Kick-off event today, and noted that the...

Think Tank Memorial End-of-Day Miscellany

According to the Kubler-Ross model, there are five discrete stages people go through when dealing with grief or tragedy: denial ("No...no...this isn't happening! Lalalalalala,...

In The Blogs: Tolbert Tackles Auto Issue

I was going to chime in a with few thoughts on the StateVehicleGate thing, but I see that Jason Tolbert absolutely nailed it. So...

In The Blogs: FMLA Extended To “Non-Traditional” Families

Move over, Ozzie and Harriet.  According to Talk Business (citing Tod Yeslow at MWSGW), the Dept. of Labor has expanded the definition of "son"...

AR-02 In The Blogs: Timmy! v. Elliott Is Must-See TV

Or whatever the political equivalent of "must-see TV" is, according to Suzi Parker's article for Talk Business. The most interesting race in Arkansas may...