Monday, April 15, 2024

Think Tank Memorial End-of-Day Miscellany

[For an explanation of the title, see here.]

Here’s what I didn’t get to on a sloooow news day:

  • Jason Tolbert covered the Mike Beebe Campaign Kick-off event today, and noted that the ol’ Gov isn’t singing the same song re: President Obama as he was in 2008.  I am saving my retrospective “how did we get here?” post for after November 2, but suffice it (for now) to say that I think this is indicative of a larger myopia within the Arkansas Democrats and the state generally.
  • John Brummett waxes poetic on the one topic that will always tug at my heartstrings.  I’m reminded of this Bill Simmons paean to his departed pal, and if one (or both) of these doesn’t make you tear up a little, then I am afraid we can no longer be friends.
  • Talk Business previews the coming Democrat message that we can expect to hear from President Clinton this week and from nearly all Democrats over the next sixty days.  The message is, basically, a reminder that the stormy economy is a result of eight years of Tropical Storm Bush.
  • Blue Arkansas argues that Blanche Lincoln was not “hurt” by Bill Halter as much as she was hurt by her reaction to Halter’s challenge and her ongoing failure to reach out to pro-Halter progressives post-primary.
  • Rex Nelson takes a look at creation and implementation of community development plans, and hits on an oft-overlooked aspect of such plans.  [Editor’s Tangent: BMI is a horribly flawed, non-scientific, misleading calculation that really has nothing to do with whether one is healthy, and it should be thrown into the same scrapheap as phrenology and leeching. But I digress.]
  • Nationally: But, hey, what’s $3 TRILLION in the grand scheme of things; Warren Jeffs is a disgusting scumbag and is now refusing extradition to Texas where he is wanted for more disgusting scumbaggishness; end of an era: Mayor Richard M. Daley will not seek re-election; speculation has already begun that Rahm Emanuel will seek Daley’s post; Paul Krugman and Robin Wells explain in fascinating detail why the economic slump continues.
  • Sports: Cleveland (58-82, 25 GB) takes on the Los Angeles California Angels of Anaheim, Orange County, California, USA (Masterson, Bell probable starters); St. Louis (72-63, 6 GB (5 GB in Wild Card) is at Milwaukee, which is derived from an Algonquin word meaning “The Good Land” (Lohse, Narveson probable starters); T-minus 2 days until our long national nightmare ends and the NFL season begins.

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