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Mid-Day Miscellany

"Well, if it was a link-dump, I wouldn't ask questions; I'd just quote a price. But then, a link-dump is a non-lethal object, isn't...

Talk Business: “Fireworks” Likely In Redistricting Debate

With Arkansas's 2010 Census data in, the process of redrawing Arkansas's state and federal congressional districts is soon to begin.  Content partner Roby Brock...

End-of-Week Miscellany: Snow Day Linkdump Edition

"Look at the big jerk. He ruined my life, and for what? A STUPID KID! Because of you, I am stuck in this frozen...

Fred Smith A Slam Dunk In House Seating Vote

Content partner Jason Tolbert has done a great job of following the Fred Smith story via various news outlets.  First, there was the story...

AR-State Senate: Luker Wants the State to Stop Punishing Communities for Leaders’ Wrongdoing

Progressive Arkansas has been previewing all Arkansas state Senators as part of their 35 Senators in 35 Days series.  Today was Senator Jim Luker...

BHR Housekeeping

As you can see, I have been futzing around with some new templates.  There's a decent chance that, some time in the next few...