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Kelly’s Zeroes: Staying Busy At Taxpayer Expense

Prior to Mark Martin's (regrettably) taking office in 2011, Augustine John Kelly--known to most as AJ--worked in part as the city attorney for Fairfield...

SD-21: Chad Niell Fined $21K For Doing Business Without License

The Arkansas Securities Department, apparently unpersuaded by the inane and meritless arguments of supporters of Chad Niell, has fined the State Senate candidate $21,000.00...

SD-21: Chad Niell Makes A Statement, Says Nothing

Chad Niell's campaign manager said the previous post was full of errors. Spoiler: It wasn't. But Niell's statement about it was.

Mark Darr Has A Problem With His TPS CC&E Reports

Let's start with what this post is not: it is not, in any way, a minimization or excuse for what Sen. Paul Bookout did....

“Habit rules the unreflecting herd.” –Wm. Wordsworth

I'm not exactly breaking new sociological ground when I say that we humans are creatures of habit. We do the same things, at roughly...

“Even the politicians have learned – but, as usual, the politicians are much slower...

I don't know what it is about Secretary of State Mark Martin (and the horde of retread Republicans who work for him) that constantly...