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Ethics Commission Opens Official Investigation Into Dennis Milligan

Ethics Commission's twenty-four-page letter details numerous possible violations that are being investigated.

Members of Rutledge’s Staff Attend Huckabee Campaign Announcement, Because of Course They Did

Public servants from the Attorney General's Office at the Huckabee campaign announcement. Election laws? What are those?

More On Dexter Suggs’ Academic Dishonesty

Dexter Suggs's dissertation is not exactly what you would call "academically honest." Not even close. Good thing he's not in charge of any public schools. Oh...wait.

About that Doctorate: Dexter Suggs, Plagiarist

Let's not sugarcoat it: Dr. Dexter Suggs plagiarized portions of his doctorate degree.

Convicted Former Judge Mike Maggio Dismissed from Civil Suit due to Judicial Immunity

Mike Maggio may still be going to prison, but he won't be facing a civil suit for reducing the jury award against Michael Morton.

Leslie Rutledge’s Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Book: Voter Fraud or Fickle Immaturity?

The Leslie Rutledge voter-registration story is only about Larry Crane if you are trying to avoid addressing the possible felony charge for Rutledge.