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ABC, As Easy As 1-2-3 (Or 90% of $900K)

When I wrote the first post about Rep. Justin Harris and his daycare, Growing God's Kingdom ("GGK"), I purposefully kept the post focused entirely...

Science: Snow As A Byproduct of Global Warming

I really hoped I would get through this snowstorm without having to write this post.  Honestly, I did.  But, having just read the 4,552,395th...

AR-Sec. State: Umm…yeah.

Facebook apparently doesn't take certain things into account when deciding who to suggest to you.  For example, they don't seem to figure in whether...

AR-Sen: Pryor “Leaning Toward” Running For Re-Election

In case any of you were lying awake at night, pondering the future of Mark Pryor. Arkansas Sen. Mark Pryor says he's leaning toward seeking...

AR-Sec. State: Martin Does His Best Gordon Gekko Impression

A week ago, Secretary of State candidate Pat O'Brien released a statement pointing out that "for just the year 2009 Martin had charged...

AR-Sec. State: Irony

Well this is rather bizarre. That's a screenshot from Mark Martin's website, and the underlined text reads: He currently serves on the Board of Directors of...