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Making a Mountain Out of a Non-Existent Molehill

Maybe I shouldn't at this point, but I continue to find it absolutely hilarious how many Republicans on Twitter will lose their collective mind...

Just When I Thought I Was Out, They Pull Me Back In (At 520%...

Via Jason Tolbert, I see that Steve Brawner has written in defense of Senate Bill 586, which would carve certain exceptions to the constitutional...

#ARElections: No Surprise, AG Race Called for McDaniel

At least according to Fox 16.

#ARElections: Constitutional Offices (8:30pm)

Governor has already been called for Mike Beebe.  Down-ballot, you have the following:  Shane Broadway leads Mark Darr by 18%, Dusting McDaniel leads by...

End-of-Day Miscellany

There are millions of links in the naked city.  These are the ones we didn't hit today. Roby Brock notes that outgoing AR-02 congressman Vic...

Green Party Picks Candidates

The Green Party of Arkansas had their nominating convention Saturday at Juanita's. Via Talk Business, we see that they have fielded candidates in...