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AR-Lt. Gov: More On Darr, His Promises, and General Silliness

After our less-than-charitable post last month about his new commercial, one of Mark Darr's supporters again brought up the "private sector experience" thing on...

ARGOP: What They Don’t Know Can Hurt Us

On Friday, Lieutenant Governor candidate Mark Darr retweeted a message from Representative Ed Garner. RepEdGarner Elim AR Cap Gains Tax! RT @markdarr: We have...

Think Tank Memorial End-of-Day Miscellany

Here's the stuff we didn't get to today (or yesterday, as the case may be): Blue Arkansas says supporting the DREAM Act and painting Timmy!...

HCR: Popularity Movin’ On Up, No Word On Deluxe Apartment In Sky

According to Kaiser's Health Tracking Poll: The July Health Tracking Poll indicates overall public support for the health reform law is steady from June,...

Immigration: Judge Correctly Blocks Some Parts Of AZ Immigration Law

Well this is sure to draw scads of hyperbolic, ignorant, and/or legally inaccurate rants from conservative television and radio (and probably from Mike Ross,...

AR-Sen: Boozman As Sisyphus

Still pushing that rock up the hill, John Boozman writes: Instead of making hard decisions to change this course, President Obama and his allies in...