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Render Unto Caesar? Not In Benton County, Says Ecclesia College

Ecclesia College is many things. What they are not is honest about tax exemptions.

Let’s Be Blunt: Bob Ballinger’s Suspicious Ties to Medical Marijuana Licensing [UPDATED]

If you're trying to get into the marijuana business in Arkansas, Bob Ballinger and Travis Story have a deal for you!

The Curious Case of Bob Ballinger’s Side Hustle [UPDATED]

Bob Ballinger's claims about doing a closing for Ecclesia College raise more questions than they answer. Let's follow the paper trail.

Not Surprising: Microsoft Execs Disagree With Bart Hester

Bart Hester thinks humanities and liberal-arts majors aren't worth recruiting. Some people who know much more than him disagree.

The Lies They Tell To Fight Transparency: About Bob Ballinger’s “Old Accountant”

If we don't get vastly increased campaign-finance transparency this year, we can all thank Bob Ballinger's reliance on an "old accountant."

Reefer Madness 2014: Starring Bob Ballinger & Bryan King

  Arkansas House District 97 includes parts of Madison, Washington, and Carroll Counties in the northwest corner of the state.  The district's largest...