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Econ 101: On Deficit Spending

As long as we're knee-deep in economic theory today, I thought I'd touch on something else that's been bouncing around the Blue Hog Hollowed-Out...

Adventures In Idiocy: The Worst Letter To The Editor, November 11, 2010

The dumb letters to the editor in yesterday's Democrat-Gazette were just your run-of-the-mill, garden-variety type, and none really warranted a post.  You knew THAT...

AR-04: A New Rankin Ad, Now With 100% More Canine Humor!

Bullet-point reactions because this does not warrant full paragraphs: "The problem is, this 'blue dog' won't bark."  I'm guessing someone in Rankin's camp made that...

Econ 101: How Dare You Give Away Lemonade, You Fiscally Irresponsible Small Children?!?

If you've ever read her column, you know that Terry Savage was just DYING to tell  this anecdote about needlessly browbeating some young girls...

AL-02: Nuttier Than Squirrel Turds

We interrupt your regularly-scheduled Arkansas-centric political blogging for this ad from Alabama's second congressional district. In the crazy-cake-taking contest, the ominous "SLAVERY" from ol' Abe...

AR-Sen: Halter’s Final Ad

My apologies. We got so embroiled in the Land Commissioner email story that I forgot to post Bill Halter and Blanche Lincoln's final...