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Jason Rapert: STILL Not A Constitutional Scholar (Again)

Jason Rapert seems to think he's going to get someone banished from Conway. That ain't happening.
Robin Lundstrum, Jason Rapert, and Gary Stubblefield

Rapert and Friends Have The Unconstitutional Munchies


Idiots, doing idiot things, because they're idiots.

BREAKING: Leslie Rutledge’s Voter Registration Canceled; Candidacy Now In Question

GOP AG Candidate Leslie Rutledge is no longer registered to vote in Arkansas. That's a problem.

An Open Letter Regarding Tort Reform In Arkansas

At its most basic, "tort reform" is nothing more than a direct assault on Arkansas Constitution and on the principles behind Bill of Rights. When you remove or limit the right of a citizen to have a trial by jury and have the community of his peers decide what his injuries are worth, you subvert Article 2, section 7, of the Arkansas Constitution and you imply that you think the Framers of the Constitution were off base when they included the Seventh Amendment.

He Makes His Livin’ Off Other People’s Taxes: Mark Darr Takes The Money And...

If there's one thing I've noticed over the past four years, it's that reimbursements and access to money for gas seem to give Arkansas politicians an absurd amount...

Max’s House of Incorrect Con Law

Max has followed SB113 pretty closely, especially the fallout from Rep. Jeff Wardlaw's (D-8) amendment to the bill, which resulted in the bill being...