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2011 Legislative Preview: HB 1006

See here for explanation of what we’re doing. Bill Name: AN ACT TO AMEND ARKANSAS LAW CONCERNING SALES OF REAL PROPERTY UNDER JUDICIAL DECREES. Sponsor: Eddie...

#ARElections: Proposed Amendment 1 Passes

Now, John Brummett et al., you have a RIGHT to hunt and fish.

#ARElections: Proposed Amendments

Currently (read: 8:34 p.m.) all three proposed constitutional amendments lean toward passage by a healthy margin.

#ARElections: Live Updates

My plan is to begin updating statewide and AR federal races (as well as some state house/senate races as time allows) as soon as...

AR-Constitution: Proposed Amendment 1, Arkansas Hunting Rights Amendment (2010)

There seems to be a bit of confusion surrounding proposed amendment 1. The most common argument against this amendment that I've heard is...

AR-Lt. Gov: More On Darr, His Promises, and General Silliness

After our less-than-charitable post last month about his new commercial, one of Mark Darr's supporters again brought up the "private sector experience" thing on...