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AR-02 In The Blogs: Final Debate

Via The Arkansas Blog, we have some more details on the final pre-primary debate between AR-02 Democratic candidates. Mark your calendar: The Arkansas Times will...

AR-01 In The Blogs: Wooldridge video missing

First, let this serve as a reminder to all AR-01 Democrats that David Cook is by far the best candidate to represent your district...

AR-01: Tim Wooldridge Is A Horrible Democrat And A Worse Human Being

Via Blue Arkansas Blog, we learn get further proof of what we already knew:  Tim Wooldridge is no more a Democrat than is Mike...

AR-Sen: In The Blogs

Recently added to the BHR blogroll, the awesomely named Donkeylicious raises a good point about Blanche Lincoln's more-stringent derivative reform proposal. Namely Take a clear...

AR-Sen, AR-01: In The Blogs

Blanche Lincoln:  Bill Halter takes money from organized labor, and he will answer to them rather than to the voters. Reality: Pot, meet kettle.  (h/t...