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Leslie Rutledge Is A Victim (Of Her Own Lack Of Judgment)

Over the past couple of weeks, Republican candidate for Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge has shown an alarming lack of judgment in how to...

Sen. Joyce Elliott’s Brilliant Response to Leslie Rutledge’s Racist Email

Sen. Elliott explains exactly what the issue is with Leslie Rutledge's sharing of a racist email.

Ethics Complaint Filed Against Leslie Rutledge For Salt-Shaker Campaign Ad

A rundown of why I filed an Ethics Complaint against Leslie Rutledge regarding her campaign ad.

An Open Letter to Leslie Rutledge (UPDATED)

Leslie Rutledge has three options at this point, but only registering to vote is a good one.

Leslie Rutledge’s Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Book: Voter Fraud or Fickle Immaturity?

The Leslie Rutledge voter-registration story is only about Larry Crane if you are trying to avoid addressing the possible felony charge for Rutledge.

BREAKING: Leslie Rutledge’s Voter Registration Canceled; Candidacy Now In Question

GOP AG Candidate Leslie Rutledge is no longer registered to vote in Arkansas. That's a problem.