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Timex Social Club

Some rampant speculation and rumormongering for a post-holiday Friday afternoon. Who is (and might be) running for certain offices in 2014?

Arkansas Election Line: Looking Ahead

With the legislative session finished, Congressional redistricting done (sans Finger), and only state legislative redistricting and whatever drama it brings still on the table,...

AR-04: Ross Won’t Vote For Pelosi

I can't say that this is surprising. Rep. Mike Ross (D-Ark.) has added his name to the growing list of Democrats who say they...

#ARPostMortem: Marginalized

A quick lunchtime peek around the margins of defeat (or victory, depending on your perspective) in the federal races and AR-Gov.  All numbers are...

#ARElections: Ross Press Release

AR-04 winner Mike Ross issued the following statement: HOT SPRINGS, ARK. – According to the Associated Press, Mike Ross of Prescott has won his re-election...

#ARElections: AR-04 Called For Mike Ross

So sayeth CNN.  While not a shock in any sense, it's still nice to know that enough sanity remains in Arkansas to prevent someone...