Monday, April 15, 2024

Former Hutchinson Employee Demonstrates Exactly Why Women’s March Was Needed

Did you watch the Women’s March this past Saturday and think to yourself, “man…I wonder what would help Arkansas avoid the same kind of turnout that Washington D.C. and Chicago had?” Did you then skip over the difference in (a) important between D.C. and Arkansas, (b) the population difference between Chicago and any place in Arkansas, and (c) the First Amendment generally, and assume that the answer must be (d) firearm related?

Well, then, you might be Ken Heater Griffin!

Buried in that post, betwixt his lack of understanding of punctuation and his simplistic view of the world generally, Griffin explains that it is only the lack of gun laws similar to those of Arkansas that allowed the “left wing liberal protests” to “happen.”

Because, you know…the fear of being shot by some over-compensating moron like Ken Griffin should be enough, at least in his delusional existence, to keep you “left wing liberal[s]” from having the gall — the unmitigated temerity!!! — to do something as un-American as to peaceably gather and protest.

But who is Ken Heater Griffin, you ask? Well, according to Facebook, he’s a former employee of Gov. Asa Hutchinson. Specifically, he’s the former “Military Advisor” to the Governor.

Well…that’s fun!

In a single comment, however, Griffin managed to demonstrate something much broader than his own ignorance; his comment, the myriad like it across the internet, is the underlying motivation for the Women’s March, writ large. Here is a man — a former military officer and government employee — who thinks that more guns would have led to a lower turnout and, worse, that a lower turnout would have been a good thing. Apparently, now that we’re living in Trumpville, any dissent — no matter how peaceful and poignant — should be quelled, even if that takes the implied threat of protesters’ being shot.

Take a step back, though, and consider: this is a man who literally took an oath to defend the Constitution when he received his military commission and who now thinks that the First Amendment should not really apply to something like the Women’s March. (I shudder to imagine his feelings on Black Lives Matter, as well.) That’s hypocrisy at best.

Griffin’s bit of ammosexual sexism, of course, comes on the heals of a furloughed employee of noted emergency medical technician and State Treasurer, Dennis Milligan, writing these nuggets of brilliance:

Milligan, being the pile of equine excrement that he is, managed to issue a response that seems to overlook something in Hatcher’s comments:

All of these guys seem like they would be all sorts of fun at a party! Or, you know, a rally…of “a certain secret society — I don’t believe I gotta mention its name.” But, please, tell me again how much the Women’s March was unnecessary. I’m sure you have a well-reasoned stance on the matter.


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