Monday, May 27, 2024

Dennis Milligan Likes Racism, Doesn’t Understand What Treasurer Does (Updated)


AR-Treasurer candidate Dennis Milligan (R-Krispy Kreme) has an innate ability, matched by very few other self-aware mammals, to intentionally do remarkably dumb things.

For instance, in 2007, Milligan, who was Chairman of the ARGOP at the time, said “all we need is some attacks on American soil like we had on 9/11” to make people “appreciate . . . the commitment for President Bush.”

More recently, Milligan tried to make political hay out of the fact that State Representative Duncan Baird, who is challenging Milligan for the GOP nod in the AR-Treasurer’s race, was in the Capitol after hours, going so far as to try to intimidate Baird into dropping out of the race.  Then Milligan went on the radio and lied about the whole thing.

So . . . yeah.  He’s amazingly good at doing stupid things.

Knowing that, see if you can predict how Milligan would answer the following question:

You are running for statewide office, and you see that someone has posted an unfunny, racist joke on Facebook.  Do you (a) use the comments to point out how offensive the joke is, (b) unfriend the person, (c) do nothing, or (d) “Like” the post because “LOLRACISM amirite?!”

photo (2)

Yeah.  Of course he chose (d).

If you are planning on voting in the Republican preferential primary and you are planning on voting for Dennis Milligan over Duncan Baird, you and I can never be friends.  Literally, never.

UPDATE:  If Milligan is going to spend time online, perhaps, rather than peruse the lowest-rent sections of his Facebook Friends list, he could read Arkansas Code Annotated 25-16-604 and see what the Treasurer actually does.  Because, judging by this ad, he’s a little confused.


If you’re reading his ad, wondering what those things have to do with the office of Arkansas Treasurer, the answer is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.  Oh, sure, he could be Against Pastry-Based Cash Deliveries.  That would make sense, all things considered.

Instead, he asks you — and, by “you,” I mean “the type of moron who would even briefly consider voting for Dennis Milligan for anything that requires objective levels of competency” — to stand strong with him.  In exchange for your strength of standing, you, too, can accomplish nothing with respect to his listed beliefs!

He’s against Obamacare (and, based on the extra space, against copy editing)?  Whatever.  Voting for him cannot possibly change anything having to do with Obamacare in any form. He might as well be against plate tectonics.

He’s “For ProLife”? Well, in addition to being redundantly redundant, that also something that has zero to do with the Treasurer’s office.  His election (or non-election) will not impact the abortion discussion in Arkansas any more than his election will impact the discussion about which character on the The Wire was the actual conscience of the show.[foot]Wallace, then ultimately Omar[/foot]

He’s for the 2nd Amendment?  Great!  Or not great!  When it comes to voting for Treasurer, his (and your) feelings on the 2nd Amendment matter about as much as his (and your) feelings on whether the Surrender of Antwerp was the primary engine of the Dutch Golden Age.

Dennis Milligan should have about as much chance of getting elected to statewide office as an inanimate carbon rod, assuming the rod also liked unfunny racist humor and had a highly qualified opponent.  Instead, he has an actual, non-zero possibility of winning.  Because . . . Obama?


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