A Brief Pause For Craws For A Cause


Last Friday night, Jeff and I, along with our respective better halves, attended Craws For A Cause at Dickey-Stephens Park.  Thanks to a gracious host — Mays & White, PLLC — we were fortunate enough to be in the VIP section, where (as Kat Robinson noted) the crawfish, beer, and other foodstuffs were bountiful and the live music kept the party going until nearly midnight.

Some pics from the event (click to enlarge):

R-to-L: Me, Bill Halter, and Jeff solving all of the world's problems in short order. (Jeff's lovely wife, Candice, is in the foreground.)
Chad Causey kindly listening as I opine on ... something.
Causey, Jeff, and the back of Zac White's head in a crawfish hat.
Friends of BHR and all-around-entertaining people, Ben and Ev Kent.
The victims. Yes, that's my hand.
Me and my wonderful wife.
Jeff and Candice.