Sunday, May 26, 2024

Two Final Thoughts On The Family Council’s Argument

You want studies? Oh, Cox has studies! --AP Photo (from Lottery Hearings)

1. If we believe the (flawed, inapplicable) Alabama Policy Institute study cited by David Cox, it seems clear that children in single-parent households do markedly worse by API’s measures than do children in home with cohabitating couples.  That being the case, if Cox et al. are really concerned with the best interests of the children — if Family Council’s purpose for opposing cohabitating couples is really due to how inferior such couples are to traditional families — why isn’t Family Council pushing for a ban on adoption/fostering by single-parent-households as well?

2. If the poorer outcomes that the API study suggests are caused by the lower socioeconomic status of average cohabitating couples are such an issue, why is Family Council not pushing for a ban on lower-income married couples’ adopting or fostering of Arkansas children?

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