Monday, May 16, 2022

AR State Sen: Committees


Content partners Roby Brock and Jason Tolbert have a rundown of yesterday’s committee assignments in the Senate.

Joint Budget – Sen. Gilbert Baker, chair; Sen. Percy Malone, vice-chair
Revenue & Tax – Sen. Larry Teague, chair; Sen. Michael Lamoureux, vice-chair
State Agencies – Sen. Sue Madison, chair; Sen. Gilbert Baker, vice-chair
Public Health – Sen. Percy Malone, chair; Sen. Randy Laverty, vice-chair
Insurance & Commerce – Sen. Jack Crumbly, chair; Sen. Jason Rapert, vice-chair
Education – Sen. Jimmy Jeffress, chair; Sen. Mary Anne Salmon, vice-chair
Judiciary – Sen. Jim Luker, chair; Sen. Ruth Whitaker, vice-chair
Agriculture, Forestry & Economic Development – Sen. Gene Jeffress, chair; Sen. Stephanie Flowers, vice-chair
City, County & Local Affairs – Sen. Jerry Taylor, chair; Sen. David Burnett, vice-chair
Transportation & Technology – Sen. Linda Chesterfield, chair; Sen. David Wyatt, vice-chair

You can get the full run-down in sweet spreadsheet form from Tolbert here.

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