Tuesday, May 28, 2024

#ARElections: Down-Ballot Congressional Offices

Quick updates, as my attention span (read: willingness to stay awake) wanes:

AR-Lt. Gov: Shane Broadway 279,468 (51%), Mark Darr 264,152 (49%), with 65% of precincts reporting.
AR-Sec. State: Pat O’Brien 278,100 (51%), Mark Martin 266,841 (49%), with 65% of precincts reporting.
AR-Land Comm: John Thurston 270,496 (51%), L.J. Bryant 261,273 (49%), with 64% of precincts reporting.

To quote Mr. Loaf, two outta three ain’t bad.  And, yes, he was obviously singing about down-ballot Arkansas constitutional races.

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