Tuesday, May 28, 2024

#ARElections: Cleburne County Early Vote Totals

Just received some info on some of the early voting totals in Cleburne County:

Mike Beebe 1480
Jim Keet 1483

Booz 2981
Lincoln 796

Rick Crawford 1996
Chad Causey 823 (remember, Causey beat beat Tim Wooldridge here by about 900 votes in the run-off)

Dustin McDaniel 1790
Rebekah Kennedy 918

AR-Sec. State:
Pat O’Brien 1168
Mark Martin 1783

State Senate Dist. 18
Rep. Johnny Hoyt (D) 768
Jason Rapert (R) 1738

State Rep. Dist. 59
Judge Steve Choate (D) 1219
Josh Johnston (R) 1769

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