Monday, June 24, 2024

AR-01: I’ma Not Huntin’ Wabbit

According to Jason Tolbert, the NRA wants AR-01 candidate Chad Causey to remove the NRA’s logo from his most recent commercial.

The NRA, per Tolbert, said that the logo is trademarked, and Causey did not have permission to use it.  Considering the NRA gave both Causey and his opponent, Republican Rick Crawford, its highest rating and endorsed neither, I suppose their position makes sense.

As long as we’re talking about guns in commercials, however, I cannot help but laugh at this scene from Crawford’s spot:

Why do I laugh?  Two reasons, actually.  First, as Max noted a while back, Rick Crawford does not even have an Arkansas hunting license.  So, unless Crawford and the other guy in the scene are planning on having a duel in that field in the background, a scene with a shotgun-toting Crawford in a rural setting is pretty silly.

Second, pairing “Rick Crawford WON’T SUPPORT OBAMACARE” with Rick (and another person) holding shotguns causes some nervous laughter on my part.   Maybe I am reading too much into things, but this sort of strikes me as a more subtle version of Sharron Angle’s “second-amendment remedies” comment or this bit of ridiculous lunacy from Alabama:

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