Tuesday, May 28, 2024


Republican candidate for State House of Representatives–District 47, Stephen Meeks, posted the following update on Facebook about an hour ago:

An update: As we get down to the wire I’m going to be a little more vague on my activities so my opponent doesn’t know what I’m doing. However, from now until the election I will be active campaigning everyday.

Because, you know, clearly Eddie Hawkins is paying close attention to what Meeks is doing, what with Hawkins having over thirty-five times the cash-on-hand as of the last financial filings ($44,206 to $1,250). I have zero doubt that Meeks’ sneakiness vis-a-vis Facebook status updates has completely and utterly thwarted the entire strategy Hawkins had planned over the last two weeks. WELL PLAYED, MR. MEEKS.

(Related thought: someone might want to check the water in the home where Stephen and David Meeks grew up for excessive levels of lead.)

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