Friday, April 19, 2024

AR-Sec. State: An Offer For Mark Martin

Last night on Twitter, paid Mark Martin campaign consultant Mark Myers asked me if I was willing to come to Springdale, see Martin’s alleged office, and “write a mea culpa.”  I said I would, subject to the Martin campaign providing additional documentation.  Today, however, I learned that someone in northwest Arkansas had already attempted to go see the office in question.  Upon arriving and asking to see it, the receptionist somewhat confusedly informed the would-be visitor that there was no such office.

Here’s where it gets good.

Apparently — and I admit to not being there and seeing this for myself, so take it with whatever amount of salt you wish — someone came rushing out and, with equal amounts irritation and anger, informed the visitor that Martin did, in fact, have an office in the building.  However, rather than allow the curious stranger to see said office, which would have gone a long way toward rebutting the rather self-evident conclusion that Martin’s Springdale-office story is a thinly veiled attempt to cover nearly six years of tracks, the company man told the visitor to leave the building.

So … yeah.

IF there really is a Springdale office from which Martin has run PsyberSimula and M3 Engineering, Inc., for the last four years (as Martin claims), I will gladly make the trek up that direction.  However, as I told Mr. Myers, giving the amount of evidence to the contrary, I am not going to take at face value a claim from a Martin donor that some random office is in fact Martin’s.  If the Martin campaign is truly interested in proving me wrong and rebutting the idea that he has improperly run his campaigns out of his state-reimbursed home office, in addition to letting me see the office, please provide at least two of the following:

  • A copy of all written agreements between Kimbel Mechanical Systems, Inc., and PsyberSimula or M3.
  • A copy of all written agreements between PsyberSimula or M3 and Representative Mark Martin referenced in the invoices from those companies that were submitted to the Arkansas House for reimbursement purposes.
  • All invoices from Kimbel to PsyberSimula or M3.

Additionally, provide the following:

  • Legible copies of canceled checks from PsyberSimula or M3 to Kimbel in satisfaction of the debts incurred under the above-referenced monthly agreement(s). (Feel free to redact account numbers)
  • Personal and corporate tax returns for 2004 to present.  (Feel free to redact Social Security numbers)
  • Explanation for the lack of a Springdale business license.

Finally, if you are feeling particularly transparent, I welcome copies of the seven invoices from M3 in December 2009 or January 2010 that were not submitted to the State for reimbursement (nos. 23 through 26).

I await Mr. Martin’s response.

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