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AR-02: Elliott Hammers Griffin on Fair-Tax Flip-flop

Kudos to Joyce Elliott for finally taking the offensive and hitting Timmy! Griffin on something.

Today, in the candidate forum hosted by the Pulaski County Bar association, Mr. Griffin said he does not support the Fair Tax Initiative contradicting his previous public statements of support for the Fair Tax.

In an interview on KARN on March 29, 2010, Mr. Griffin stated, “I am absolutely committed to the Fair Tax.” (KARN 3/29/10) Was Mr. Griffin clearly saying one thing to win the primary and then reversing course today? Or does he support a plan that would hurt thousands of middle class families in Arkansas?

“Let me first say, that I applaud the tone and civility of my opponent and value our cordial interactions on the campaign trail. I also believe that it is fair to hold Mr. Griffin accountable to his record,” said Joyce Elliott, candidate for U.S. Congress in Arkansas’s 2nd District.

“There is nothing ‘fair’ about imposing a 30% sales tax on middle class families and retirees. If Mr. Griffin supports that idea and has expressed his support for it in the past, I think it is vital that the voters of Arkansas know about it,” concluded Elliott.

“Senator Joyce Elliott has always been a champion for retirees, small businesses, and the middle class in Arkansas. As a mother and teacher, Joyce understands what it is like to work hard to make ends meet. She knows we cannot afford to put a heavy burden on the working class in Arkansas, ” said spokesperson Marisa Pryor.

“Many Arkansans are frustrated about the state of the economy and are looking for solutions to better Arkansas and the country as a whole. However, the Fair Tax initiative is not the solution to our problems. Arkansas’s retirees, small businesses and middle class families cannot afford such a drastic increase when most are doing all they can to stay afloat during these tough economic times,” concluded Pryor.


Elliott also included quotes from some economists and other experts regarding why the Fair Tax was a bad idea and would negatively impact many Arkansans.  My guess is that this is still too little, too late, but at least it’s a huge step in the right direction.  Timmy! is far from bullet proof, but you still have to shoot at him.

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