Monday, May 20, 2024

Think Tank Memorial End-of-Day Miscellany

[For an explanation of the title, see here.]

Links we didn’t get to.  They’re a bunch of foxes.  In French, they would be called “les renardes,” and they would be hunted with only their cunning to protect them.

Jason Tolbert has Beth Anne Rankin’s response to Mike Ross’s memo regarding Rankin’s attacks on Ross. (/assumes that sentence makes sense, moves on) Rankin disagrees with Ross’s contentions on pretty much every point, but, sadly, she does so only in written form. I think “A vote for Ross is a vote for Pelosi” done in C#m has #1 hit written all over it.

The biggest problem I see with politicians making economic arguments is that, generally, a “real” answer requires an attention-span-busting amount of explanation. Max sidesteps this problem regarding the Bush Tax Cuts, and distills it all down to a simple question.

Shane Broadway raised over $100,000 in August for his Lt. Governor campaign. I really don’t have a punchline for that, so I’ll just mention that “Lt. Gov.” always reads as “Light Governor” in my head.

Speaking of Broadway, Roby Brock notes that gubernatorial and lieutenant gubernatorial candidates for both parties have been campaigning across the state almost as if they were running mates. In other news, which I might just have made up, David Meeks has been seen campaigning across his district with a picture of Dave Elswick that is signed “To Dave, who knows almost as little about economics as I do! Kissies, Dave”

In a terribly written Hope Star article — capture the “sole” of her campaign? — Beth Anne Rankin explains that she’s concerned about “the South’s right to bear arms.” Umm…ok. To my knowledge, laws do not apply differently by geographic region, but that is only because Nancy Pelosi has not yet managed to get the votes needed to pass her “Everyone But Southerners Can Keep Their Guns Because, Well, Just Because, OK? Get Off My Back Already!” bill.

Reminder: Blue Arkansas has Joyce Elliott coming in for a “live blog” on Friday.  If she’s taking questions from readers and engaging in a two-way dialog, rather than actively and continually reporting on an event as it happens, I assume they actually mean “online chat,” but whatever.

National and off-topic links? National and off-topic links. I don’t even own a national or off-topic link, let alone many links that would necessitate an entire separate entry. What am I gonna do with national and off-topic links? [Translation: this is an abbreviated Miscellany. Though, really, that’s better than what you’ve received the last couple days, no?]

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