Monday, June 17, 2024

AR-02: Well, At Least She Didn’t Choose Gilbert Baker, I Guess

Joyce Elliott has picked former opponent Robbie Wills to be her Faulkner County chairperson. (h/t Tolbert Report)

While the whole thing is a little surprising, the part that confuses me is why Wills would do it. I mean, if Wills really believes that Elliott is “TOO EXTREME TO WIN” or that she “HAS EXTREME VIEWS THAT CAN’T WIN IN NOVEMBER,” why would he waste his time? (On the other hand, if he doesn’t believe that, doesn’t that imply that he knew that his mailers were inflammatory and disingenuous?)

The progressive in me would like to think that this move was caused by a reaction to how unappealing Timmy! Griffin is. The realist in me, however, figures this is just Wills’ attempt to win back some of the people he alienated with his desperate mailers, while Elliott is attempting to reach some of the more moderate and/or non-Little-Rock-based voters. Nevertheless, given the unappealing prospect of the words “Representative Griffin,” I suppose I applaud both Elliott and Wills for seeing the importance of working together, regardless of their motives.

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