Thursday, May 23, 2024

AR-02: Wallace Endorses Griffin

From a campaign press release via Timmy! Griffin For Congress:

“For conservatives in Arkansas, 2010 is our chance, and I am standing with Tim Griffin to help him win in November,” [Scott] Wallace said. “Arkansas is my home and our values need a voice in Congress. Tim will carry our voice to Washington.

“During my campaign, I became a grandfather. I ran because I was concerned about the legacy we will leave our children if we do not fight for what we believe in,” Wallace continued. “I know Tim, as a father of two, is concerned about that legacy as well. I know he will fight for what we believe in so his children, my grandchild and all our families can grow up in an America that is exceptional and blessed by God.”

“I am honored to have Scott’s endorsement,” Griffin said. “He is a man of strong faith who cares deeply for Central Arkansas and wants to see our common sense conservative values represented in Washington.

Good news, everyone!  Timmy! Griffin will fight for the things that will make God bless America!  Because, you see, Scott Wallace’s God is a capricious deity who will only deign to bless America if the entirety of the county lives under Draconian personal privacy laws and is subject to the whims of deregulated businesses and financial markets.

(Also, this God is apparently all-or-nothing.  Either Timmy! gets to Washington, fights for God, and the entire country benefits from His blessings, OR God will refuse to bless anyone.  God sounds a lot like an elementary school teacher handling a kid who brings candy to school.)

Sarcasm aside, can we all agree that whether or not we think God would approve of one candidate’s ideals more than those of another is a pretty silly way to choose our elected leaders?  If your faith informs YOUR OWN position on an issue (such as abortion) and you vote for the candidate who best represents your position, that is all fine and dandy.  But if you are picking a candidate solely because you think his platform somehow pleases a metaphysical being, that’s insane.

Finally, if i hear one more person say that the Founding Fathers were Christian, that America is “a Christian nation,” or that we need to “get back to the Christian ideals that this country was founded upon,” I am going to scream.


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