Monday, June 17, 2024

AR-03 In The Blogs: Whitaker In The Catbird Seat?

Roby Brock thinks that might be the case if Cecile Bledsoe and Steve Womack continue their snippy campaigning.

In other Arkansas federal races, candidates and campaigns are debating issues ranging from Social Security to veterans to gun laws and abortion. But in the Third Congressional District GOP run-off, the debate has disintegrated to name-calling and threatened lawsuits.


“…They’re just trying to pull a fast one. Shows a big time lack of integrity. Appears as an aging woman trying to hang on for dear life. Sad and desperate,” [Rick] Walker [of Womack’s production vendor, Walker Productions] told [Jason] Tolbert.

That comment set off a firestorm of criticism from Bledsoe supporters offended by the “aging woman” comment.

Bledsoe later issued a press release implying that Womack, who has yet to issue any formal statement on the whole ordeal, had as much to do with Walker’s actions and statements.

“I am saddened that Steve would resort to frivolous legal threats to censor debate. […] Steve is no doubt frustrated as conservatives and Republicans rally to my campaign, but I have done nothing more than quote Steve’s own words.  That he would go to such extremes to censor my campaign simply shows how desperately he wants to hide his record from the voters.[“]


Based on the latest actions from this Republican run-off (and the plethora of playground antics throughout this primary), Democrat David Whitaker may have a legitimate shot in November despite the overwhelming Republican tilt of this district.

Could J. William Fulbright’s old seat really go blue again for the first time in almost 44 years?  Doubtful.  But the fact that someone could even write such a post without being openly ridiculed would have been unthinkable even three months ago.  With a little less than a week until they theoretically will stop lobbing verbal grenades at one another, there is still time for them to effectively kill one another’s chances.

To quote the great Judge Mills Lane, “Let’s Get It On!”

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