Wednesday, April 24, 2024

AR-02: Boling Endorses Elliott

When I caught wind that David Boling would be endorsing Joyce Elliott on the Capitol steps today at 3:30, I realized that I would be in the area and decided to stop by.  The late announcement did not lend itself to much of a turnout — if you generously refer to BHR as “media,” there looked to be three media types total — but both candidates gave prepared statements.

Boling complimented Robbie Wills generally, but explained that he was endorsing Elliott because her positions and beliefs as a public servant more closely aligned with his.  He praised her background in the Arkansas House and Senate, as well as her time spent as an educator.

Elliott in turn thanked Boling for the endorsement, complimented him for running a “very professional” campaign, and congratulated him for receiving the second-most votes in Pulaski County, which she described as containing “the motherload” of votes in the second congressional district.  Elliott made clear that she was asking everyone who supported Boling, along with any and all other voters, for their support on June 8.

If you are scoring at home (or if you are alone), endorsements so far in the various US-House run-off elections are:

  • AR-01: Cook –> Causey
  • AR-02: Boling –> Elliott; Adams –> Wills
  • AR-03: DeLay –>Bledsoe
  • AR-04: N/A

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