Monday, April 15, 2024

AR-Sen [Follow-Up]: Lincoln Does Not Want Delay On Derivatives Provision Vote

Contrary to some reports, says a spokeperson for Blanche Lincoln, the candidate does not want the Senate to delay its vote on her proposed derivatives reform language.

“The only factors delaying passage of this bill are the number of Republican amendments on the floor. Senator Lincoln has asked for no delay,” Lincoln campaign spokesperson Katie Laning Niebaum tells Talk Business.

So, um, there’s that.

Even if Niebaum is telling the truth, however, that doesn’t mean that Lincoln is innocent in the whole affair.  After all, someone could have told her, “hey, we’re going to do delay this for you,” which would make her “I didn’t ask for a delay” statement completely accurate — and completely irrelevant.  Whether or not she asked for it, she could still be proactive in trying to prevent it.  The move I personally would like to see is Lincoln in the press today or tomorrow morning asking her fellow lawmakers to hold a vote on the derivative reform language immediately.  Bonus points if she specifically asks them to vote on it before Tuesday.

Otherwise, at least according to what is being reported by sources like Politico, Lincoln’s “I didn’t ask for a delay” defense doesn’t mean much.

So Democratic leaders have held back from going too far to force changes in her bill and risk embarrassing Lincoln ahead of the vote, according to multiple Senate aides and industry officials familiar with the negotiations.


Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) had wanted to finish the bill by the end of this week, but since it is taking longer than expected, the pressure to force a resolution on derivatives before Tuesday has diminished since earlier in the week, aides said. Senators are also attempting to clear away other key amendments first.

But Senate aides and industry officials acknowledge the delay on derivatives stems, in part, from sensitivities to Lincoln’s tough reelection fight.

(Emphases added.)

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